DDAD scholarship opens up opportunities to study in Germany

On January 21st, 2021, a seminar between the school board of VNU University of Science (VNU - HUS) and the Head of Regional German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Office in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar was held at VNU - HUS, Hanoi. All parties had a discussion on cooperation in postgraduate education and training, scientific research, and talent programs.

Representing VNU - HUS, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sc. Vũ Hoàng Linh, the principal of VNU - HUS expressed his desire to have assistance from DAAD to facilitate a postgraduate affiliate education and training program with a prestigious university in Germany, along with the creation of fast-track courses to improve the capability of the teaching staff.

DDAD scholarship opens up opportunities to study in Germany
Mr. Vũ Hoàng Linh (left) and ông Stefan Hase-Bergen, Head of Regional DAAD Office in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar at the seminar

Mr. Stefan Hase-Bergen expressed his interest in proposals from VNU - HUS, promising DAAD’s assistance for VNU - HUS to conduct education and training projects, as well as cooperation in training programs and scientific research. A conference will be held for Vietnamese and German scientists after COVID-19 pandemic is over.

After the seminar, the DAAD representative introduced VNU-HUS personnel and students to postgraduate education scholarships available for Vietnamese.

DDAD scholarship opens up opportunities to study in Germany
The brief on DAAD scholarships

DAAD currently offers three major scholarships: Annual scholarships, non-annual scholarships for graduate students and researchers, and a DAAD Master/PhD scholarship for graduate students in developing countries in the region. Annual scholarships include a full PhD scholarship in Germany which lasts three to four years - for young researchers with PhD degree and wish to enroll in a doctoral program in Germany; One Year Grants, a full research scholarship that lasts from 7 to 12 months, for young researchers and candidates with Master degree and wish to conduct a (part) of their research in Germany; Bi-nationally supervised for young researchers with Master degree and wish to study and research in Germany, 12 months duration. All 3 aforementioned programs are priced at 1.200 EUR per month, with flight tickets, insurance, and other fees covered.

DDAD scholarship opens up opportunities to study in Germany

DAAD Scholarships list:

I. Annual Scholarship

For researchers:

Doctoral candidate in Germany (application deadline in October annually)

One Year Grants (application deadline in October annually)

Bi-nationally supervised scholarship (application deadline in October annually)

For graduate students:

Postgraduate scholarship or courses in the Field of Music

Postgraduate scholarship or courses in the field of performing Arts

Postgraduate scholarship or courses in the Fields of Fine Art, Design, Visual Communication and Film

Annual postgraduate scholarship or courses in the Field of Architects

II. Non-annual scholarship for postgraduate and PhD candidates

Doctoral scholarships (distributed to every school)

EPOS scholarships for developing countries (PhD and Master) 2021-2022

PPGG Scholarships (Master): (being considered in the future)

DLR-DAAD scholarship for researchers and postgraduate students in: Aviation, Astronomy, Transport, and Energy 

III. Scholarships for students, researchers with PhD degree or higher

Education and training program for former DAAD scholarships recipients

Research programs

DLR-DAAD scholarships for: Aviation, Astronomy, Transport, and Energy

IV. DAAD programs for postgraduate students and PhD degree holders in developing countries in the region

Domestic and regional scholarship programs in 2021, application deadline on March 16, 2021:

a) TUAF program

b) AIT program


d) SEARCAR program

e) FPUH program

VNU - HUS is proud of their partnership with 70 prestigious educational, international educational, political and social institutions and organizations from 35 countries and regions in the world. International cooperation positively contributed to the globalization of educational, training, and research quality of the school. The proficiency of the teaching staff has been dramatically improved. Every year, there are approximately 250-300 VNU - HUS personnel and students joined foreign exchange programs and conferences abroad. VNU - HUS also sees an increase in the number of students enrolled in the school, as well as the number of teachers.

DAAD is an independent and non-profit organization representing universities in the Federal Republic of Germany. DAAD offers different scholarship programs boasting immense values to postgraduate students, teachers, researchers, and PhD researchers.

DDAD scholarship opens up opportunities to study in Germany
Representatives from VNU - HUS and DAAD Regional Office in Hanoi


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