AUN to give accreditations for VNU’s four training programs

Between October 4th and October 8th, 2021, ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) will begin the accreditation for four training programs of Vietnam National University (VNU), including three Bachelor of Science programs of Hanoi University of Science (HUS). They are Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Management of Resource and Environment.

AUN to give accreditations for VNU’s four training programs
Opening ceremony of the 237th AUN-QA Assessment at Programme Level (Online) at VNU, Hanoi

On October 4th, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phạm Bảo Sơn, Vice President of VNU delivered a speech to welcome the AUN-QA Secretariat and online assessment specialists at the opening ceremony of the 237th AUN-QA Assessment at  Programme level.
“In the time of COVID-19, which has been seriously affecting many countries in the world, including Southeast Asian nations, we highly appreciate the effort of the Secretariat and AUN-QA specialists in conducting accreditations of training programs. VNU always sees these programme assessments as an opportunity for self-reflection, identifying weaknesses and strengths in teaching and learning activities in order to draw valuable lessons in improving the quality of training”.

AUN to give accreditations for VNU’s four training programs
AssocProf.Dr. Phạm Bảo Sơn delivering a speech at the opening ceremony on October 4th

Prof.Dr. Suzeini Binti Abd Halim, Head of the AUN-QA team, gave his appreciation to VNU for their trust in them and for the thorough preparation for the 237th Programme Assessment. “The COVID-19 pandemic has spread so quickly and strongly that since September 2020, AUN-QA has had to be conducted online. However, we believe that the pandemic will be under control and we can return to the direct assessment in the near future.”

AUN was founded in 1995, with its first members nominated and appointed by Ministries of Education from different nations. To ensure the quality of universities and colleges in ASEAN, AUN introduced a set of standards (AUN-QA) with very strict principles. It is a tool for a comprehensive assessment of training programs from different aspects, such as Programme curriculum, learning outcomes, Academic Staff Quality, Support Staff Quality, Facilities, Quality Assurance, the connection between the University and its stakeholders… 

VNU - HUS has always been one of the pioneering universities in improving training quality, and is approaching advanced universities in the region and in the world. VNU-HUS is the first university in Southeast Asia to register for accreditation to be recognized as meeting AUN-QA quality standards at the university level in 2017. Up to this point, VNU - HUS has had 13 programs receiving accreditation from AUN-QA, and upon completing the assessment for the above 3 programs, the number of accredited training programs will be 16, reaching the target of 100% of training programs being accredited by AUN-QA.

AUN to give accreditations for VNU’s four training programs
Delegates at the opening ceremony

COVID-19 has forced VNU to shift its academic activities from direct to online since 2020. However, despite the enormous setback, VNU had managed to achieve several significant achievements, such as being ranked in the top 101 - 150 young universities with top training quality in the world (QS Top 50 Under 50 2021). According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, VNU has been ranked among the top 801 - 1000 best universities in the world, for the third time in a row.

According to the results from THE WUR by Subject 2021, for the first time, VNU has its Computer Sciences field ranked in the world’s top 501 - 600, top 1 in Vietnam; Engineering & Technology in the world’s top 401-500, top 1 in Vietnam.

In addition, VNU also has other three fields ranked by QS WUR by Subject: Mathematics, world’s top 401 - 450, no.1 in Vietnam; Physics and Astronomy, world’s top 551 - 600, no.1 in Vietnam; Computer Science & Information System, world’s top 501 - 550, no. 2 in Vietnam.

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