Launch of the national key project: "Model study on simulation model for treating metallic precious metal industry with resource exploitation and energy saving"

On October 27th, 2007, the Workshop on "Research on building a pilot scale pilot scale for treating industrial waste sludge with heavy metals in the direction of recovering resources, saving energy"

On October 27th, 2007, the Workshop on "Research on building a pilot scale pilot scale for treating industrial waste sludge with heavy metals in the direction of recovering resources, saving energy" . Throughout the protection round, the subject was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology from September, 2017 with the code KC.08.18 / 16-20. The project is scheduled for 36 months, from September 2017 to August 2020.


Attending the ceremony were Prof. Dang Kim Chi - Vice Chairman of KC.08 and representatives from Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Institute of Materials Science, Waste Management and Environmental Improvement Department, Institute of Mining Science and Technology - Metallurgy, Academy of Environmental Sciences. On the side of the VNU University of Science, Prof. Dr. Phan Tuan Nghia-Vice Rector, members of the Faculty of Physics, Office of Science and Technology, Office of Inspection and Quality Assurance.

Opening remarks, Prof. Phan Tuấn Nghĩa - Vice Rector stressed thanks to the Ministry of Science and Technology, KC.08 Program has trusted and the agencies have coordinated and look forward to continue to receive support in the coming time to complete well topic. Vice Rector- Prof. Phan Tuấn Nghĩa expects the research team, always sticking to the goals set and will carry out all the activities of the topic of substantive significance.

In the Inception Workshop, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khai - Chairman of the project presented the overview of KC.08.18 / 16-20.

Delegates attended to listen to Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thi Ha, Dr. Pham Thi Thuy and Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khai (Faculty of Environment, VNU-HUS) presented a detailed implementation plan for the contents of the project. Including survey plan, research and development process hydropower technology, ...

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Duc Thang, Institute of Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology shared the research on the separation of metal from the sludge of the Institute. MSc. Nguyen Xuan Huan, Faculty of Environment, VNU University of Science, presented the research on the potential use of sludge in production by the Faculty of Environment, VNU University of Science.

Share at the workshop, Prof. Dang Kim Chi said that the topic was promoted by KC.08 because of the important significance of the topic for the main purpose of KC.08 and before that the VNU University of Science has carried out many related topics. Professor hopes the topic will bring high value results, to trial production and mass production in the country. The professor also shared with the challenges of the project implementation. With experience in management and implementation of many topics in KC.08, Professor has made detailed and valuable comments on the method of investigation and reserve for the topic KC.08.18 / 16-20. The Board of Directors also received the share, comments from the participants of the seminar.

KC.08.18 / 16-20 aims to obtain scientific data on heavy metal sludge in Vietnam and processing and recovery technologies. At the same time, the project will develop a process and model of pilot scale technology to recover metal and produce building materials. The topic is divided into 6 main research areas. Besides the products are reports, scientific papers, training and orientation to registration of industrial property protection, the subject will bring 02 pilot model blocks. These are: 01 pilot scale technology to recover some valuable metals in the industrial sewage sludge with registered capacity 3-5 tons of sludge raw materials per day; 01 model of pilot scale to extract industrial sludge as building materials, registered capacity of 10 tons of raw materials per day.

The subject received the cooperation of the Institute of Environmental, Institute of Materials Science Institute of Geography (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology), Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, Vinh Hoang Investment and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, Urban and Industrial Environment Joint Stock Company - URENCO 10. In addition, the topic will continue to coordinate with other units in the implementation, training,.. later.

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