The student with the highest entrance exam score wants to become a researcher in the field of Physics

Lê Phạm Ngọc Lâm, a student of class 12A1, Long Thành High School, Đồng Nai Province achieved the highest score (28,45) in the entrance exam of Vietnam National University - University of Science (VNU - HUS). The university’s media unit had an online interview with this student.

The student with the highest entrance exam score wants to become a researcher in the field of Physics
Lê Phạm Ngọc Lâm – the student with the highest score in the 2021 VNU - HUS entrance exam

- Greetings, Lâm. Congratulation for having successfully been admitted to VNU - HUS with the highest score. Can you share the reason why you chose a physics major?

- Lê Phạm Ngọc Lâm: First, I am happy to be a new student of VNU - HUS, and I was surprised to know that I was the student with the highest score. I chose VNU - HUS for my 4 years of study because, after several years of researching, I found that VNU - HUS has a good tradition and prestige in basic science training in Vietnam. I wish to study, train, and experience a lot of interesting things here.

- Your math score was even higher than your physics’. Why did you go for physics instead of maths?

I chose physics because I love exploring natural phenomena related to physics. During my high school years, I took two provincial physics exams for gifted students, so the subject became a part of me. But in the recent high school graduation exam, I did not do well in physics so the results were not as expected. But I will consider that a lesson I have to learn from.

- The Faculty of Physics offers a Bachelor of Science in Physics program for talented students and International Physics program. Are you planning to register one of these?

- Lê Phạm Ngọc Lâm: Yes, I do pay special attention to VNU - HUS’ talented programs, especially that of physics. Many excellent students had been trained here and contributed a lot to Vietnam’s progress. I registered for a Bachelor of Science in Physics for talented students right after VNU - HUS made an admission announcement.


The student with the highest entrance exam score wants to become a researcher in the field of Physics
Lê Phạm Ngọc Lâm and his classmates in class 12A1, Long Thành High School, Đồng Nai Province. Lâm is the first student from the left on the third row.

- I know you are from Đồng Nai. It means that you will have to travel a great distance to get to Hanoi. Did you consider the hardships of studying so far from home?


- Lê Phạm Ngọc Lâm: When I planned to study in Hanoi, I did consider all kinds of challenges I would face during my 4 years of study without my parents around. But I consider this an opportunity to be independent, to challenge myself in a different environment, both in terms of climate and people. I have a high school friend who also chose to study in Hanoi. If my friend can do it, so can I.

Besides, my hometown is in Hải Dương, which is very close to Hà Nội. It is a chance for me to visit my hometown more often than during the past years. Studying far away from home is difficult but I will try to adapt to this new environment.

- This year’s entrance exam saw many students with a high score, some at 26-27, and many still failed to pass or had to enroll in less desirable majors. This was unfortunate. Do you have any words to cheer those students up?

- Lê Phạm Ngọc Lâm: It’s a pity to achieve high scores yet fail in an exam. But I am certain that, with such capability to score that high, they will be able to overcome this difficult period and become much stronger.

- Thank you. We wish you have four valuable years of studying in VNU - HUS!

Additional information about Lê Phạm Ngọc Lâm:

-Current place of residence: Long An commune, Long Thành district, Đồng Nai Province.

-High School attended: Long Thành High School, Đồng Nai Province.

-Entrance exam score: 28,45 (Math: 9,4; Physics: 8,75; English: 9,8; extra points for rural students: 0,5).

-Achievements: First place in a provincial physics exam for gifted students at 11th grade, second place in provincial chemistry exam for gifted students at 12th grade.

-Hobbies: Watching sports news, traveling.

-Dreams: Becoming a scientific researcher.


“Modern physics has been growing exponentially along with the strong development of sciences and technology of the 21st century. Knowledge from physics is applied in all modern occupations in 4.0 industrial sectors: Quantum computer, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology...both in fundamentals and in the application. It is not by chance that many students of VNU - HUS’ Faculty of Physics are working as leading experts for big corporations such as Tinh Vân, Vinfast Viettel, LG, Samsung, Intel, Google, and Apple...Many of them also work as leading scientists in prestigious universities, academies, research centers...In addition, modern accelerators, new materials, and space technology are also raising fundamental questions about the nature of the natural world such as dark energy, dark matter, the fifth force, black hole, extended standard-model, gravitational waves, fusion energy, human brain...More than ever, the high demand for human resources with knowledge in physics is an opportunity and a challenge not only in Vietnam but also in the world” - Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nguyễn Thế Toàn, Head of Faculty of Physics, VNU - HUS.


In 2021, VNU - HUS had an admission target of 1610 students for 27 majors. Aside from the main form of admission based on the result of the high school graduation exam in 2021, the school also considers and prioritizes admission according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and regulations of VNU. SAT, A-Level, ACT, IELTS… and other equivalent international certificates.

Students of VNU - HUS have the opportunity to study and work with highly qualified teaching staff, with 42% being professors and associate professors, 94.4% Ph.D. Many of the lecturers have graduated from and taught at advanced universities in the world.

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