VNU - HUS organizes the first Online Meeting for Students Admitted to Special Training Programs

From September 30th to October 2th, Hanoi University of Sciences (VNU - HUS) organized Online Meetings for Students of Special Training Programs of QH.2021.T - Cohort K66. The purpose of the meetings was to disseminate information about the training programs, course schedules, as well as providing counselling for the new students.

VNU - HUS organizes the first Online Meeting for Students Admitted to Special Training Programs
Due to the ongoing pandemic, all meetings are held online
VNU - HUS organizes the first Online Meeting for Students Admitted to Special Training Programs
Prof. Dr. Lê Thanh Sơn, Vice-Rector of VNU - HUS, addressed the newly admitted students

At the meetings, Mr. Sơn gave his congratulations to all students who passed the entrance exam, becoming VNU - HUS students. He expressed his hope that the students will continue the tradition of the university, making efforts in their studies and research; so that they would present themselves at the graduation ceremony after four years, becoming Bachelors of Science, and contributing to the development of Vietnam.

“VNU - HUS, formerly known as the University of Hanoi, has had 65 years of construction and development, with an academic staff of 42% professors and associate professors, 94,4% doctorate holders. Many of them had studied and worked in advanced countries, so should there be any issues, you can discuss them with your teachers, especially your homeroom teachers and the staff members of your respective faculties. All teachers, functional department staff, school organizations, student associations, upperclassmen from university clubs are ready to assist you. Every problem will be solved, as long as you place a firm belief in them, and are willing to talk about your issues with them” - Mr. Sơn asserted.

Dr. Nguyễn Thanh Bình, Head of Office of Politics - Students Affairs briefed on the difference between training programs, student fees, scholarships, foreign language learning outcomes, and other related issues.

Representing the Department of Academic Affairs, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyễn Trung Thành, Director; Dr. Phạm Tiến Đức and Dr. Đỗ Hữu Tuấn, Vice Directors provided the students with the information on course registration, the number of credits required to graduate from each program, and the planned course schedules.

Dr. Trương Thanh Tú, Director of the Department of Cooperation and Development, VNU - HUS, answered questions on scholarships and international student exchange programs. He also reminded the students to always be prepared so they can be ready should the opportunity come.

“There are many student exchange programs between HUS and universities in the USA, Europe, and Japan. Besides, there are also cultural exchange programs with universities in Singapore, Thailand, etc. In addition to your efforts to gain academic achievements, English proficiency is vital for you to have more opportunities to study short-courses abroad, participate in cultural exchanges programs, thereby broaden your view, accumulate valuable experience for self-improvement in the future.” - Dr. Trương Thanh Tú said.

VNU - HUS organizes the first Online Meeting for Students Admitted to Special Training Programs
VNU - HUS students and international students during study tour at Valladolid University (UVa, Spain). A program in the ERASMUS + BioEcoN Project

Deans and representatives from faculties also introduced in detail the special programs managed by their Faculties. After this introduction and information dissemination, the students were allowed to ask questions of their own, which mainly involved how to apply for student exchange programs, the conditions to be admitted to the University’s Olympiad team, criteria for scholarships, English study support, student tuition fee weavers, scientific research issues and opportunities to study at postgraduate level. 

VNU - HUS organizes the first Online Meeting for Students Admitted to Special Training Programs
VNU – HUS Olympiad team participating in the 1st National Student Biology Olympiad (July 2020)

Each of the three meetings took place for two hours in an open and frank atmosphere. The first meeting was for students who successfully enrolled in talented programs, honor programs, and advanced international standard programs (with the same financial support as that of standard programs). This meeting included students from talented programs of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, international standard programs of Physics and Biology; honor programs of Environmental Science, Geology, Meteorology and Climatology, Oceanography. The second meeting was for students of Chemistry and Environment advanced programs (tuition fees corresponding to training quality). The final one was for students of high-quality programs (tuition fees corresponding to training quality) from the Faculties of Math-Mechanics-Informatics, Biology, and students from VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy (VNU - UMP) (students from Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology will study two years in VNU - HUS before being transferred to their major).

Every year, VNU - HUS has meetings with newly admitted students to answer questions about the training programs, and at the same time to strengthen the bond between students and the university. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings were held directly by the faculties and their special programs. However, for the first time, all the meetings had to be held online this year.

In 2021, VNU - HUS admitted students to 27 training programs. In addition to standard and high-quality programs with tuition fees corresponding to quality, VNU - HUS also offers special training programs such as: talented, advanced, the international standard, fast-track, including Talented programs of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology; International Standard programs: Physics (cooperating with Brown University, USA), Biology (cooperating with Tufts University, USA); Fast-track programs: Environmental Sciences, Meteorology, and Climatology, Oceanography, Geology, Natural Geography (These are programs aiming to educate and train high-quality human resources. Students will receive tuition fees support for their major studies and English study, and they will receive a high-quality Bachelor's degree).

Students from talented, fast-track and international standard programs will be equipped with the necessary knowledge of their major fields of study, English proficiency, along with additional knowledge and skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, and strategic vision. These are important tools for students after they graduate, in their future career or further studies to become good scientists.

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