AUN-QA assessment at program level for VNU-HUS has completed

On the morning of November 6th, 2020, ASEAN University Network (AUN), Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU) and its member units held the Closing Ceremony for the 187th AUN-QA assessment at program level online as planned.

AUN-QA assessment at program level for VNU-HUS has completed
Dr. Yu Un Oppusunggu, Chief of the 187th AUN-QA Assessment Team, is giving a speech at the Closing Ceremony.

At the closing ceremony, AUN-QA's assessment team presented preliminary comments on four training programs of VNU. The two programs of VNU-HUS, Bachelor in Materials Science and Bachelor in Land Management, were given detailed comments and recommendations in order to improve the training quality, meeting the needs of international integration.

AUN-QA assessment at program level for VNU-HUS has completed
Participants in the online Closing Ceremony.

According to the assessment team, the program of Bachelor in Materials Science, Faculty of Physics, VNU-HUS has strengths in the curriculum and learning outcomes because it was developed according to the CDIO model (Conceive - Design - Implement - Operate) under the initiative of MIT Institute of Technology, USA, with benchmark to the program of Materials Science and Engineering of Stanford University, USA, and alignment with the mission and vision of VNU as well as VNU-HUS. The staffs teaching in the program of Bachelor in Materials Science are of high quality with 89% having Ph.D. degrees; each staff publishes on average 0.5-1 ISI articles/ year. Other activities such as student monitoring system and ensuring students’ health and safety are fully implemented to help students have a good study environment. All of the above helps increase the rate of students having jobs (one year after graduation) to 95-100%.

AUN-QA assessment at program level for VNU-HUS has completed
Representatives of the Board of rectors and staff of the Faculty of Physics, VNU-HUS in the closing ceremony of AUN-QA 187th assessment at program level.

Through interviews with stakeholders, AUN-QA's assessment team found that: employers and alumni highly appreciated the quality of the program of Bachelor in Materials Science. In particular, many students have won graduate scholarships at the world’s prestigious universities, from which they can continue to study, expand their knowledge, and make contributions to science.

AUN-QA assessment at program level for VNU-HUS has completed
The staff of the Faculty of Geography, VNU-HUS in the process of online quality assessment.

According to the AUN-QA's preliminary assessment, The Bachelor in Land Management, Faculty of Geography, VNU-HUS has a number of strengths such as being designed based on outcomes and actual needs of society. The rate of students having jobs after graduation is quite high and employers are satisfied with the quality of students. This year, the number of students enrolled in Land Management doubled compared to the previous year, which is a clear demonstration of the "satisfaction" of students who have been studying in the program.

The assessment team of AUN-QA highly appreciated the teaching staff of the Land Management program, saying that this is a team of "great potential, positive, available, open for quality improvement”. In particular, the "research culture" is growing in the projects that the staff of the Faculty have been implementing and the rapidly increasing number of ISI/ Scopus publications in recent years.

The assessment team also commented that the modern facilities and equipment of the Land Management program have helped students get familiar with new technology and have more opportunities to practice, thus promoting their active learning.

AUN-QA assessment at program level for VNU-HUS has completed
Photo was taken at VNU-HUS during the Closing ceremony.

Speaking at the Closing Ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Bao Son, Vice President of VNU, said: “The AUN-QA’s 187th assessment for training programs of VNU was implemented and completed on schedule. In order to point out the strengths and areas for improvement in the training programs, the assessment teams have been working very hard with documents, conducting many online interviews. Comments and recommendations of the AUN-QA assessment team will be used as suggestions and guidelines for quality improvement of our training programs”.

After 10 years since joining the AUN, one member university (VNU University of Science) and 36 training programs of VNU have been assessed by ANU-QA. In 2021, 8 other training programs are going to be assessed by AUN-QA.

In 2020, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the assessment must be carried out online. It was a challenge for all stakeholders in preparing the infrastructure and remaining high concentration in the working process, but it was a necessary and flexible way to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

As previously informed, from November 2nd to 6th, 2020, VNU collaborated with the ASEAN University Network (AUN) to conduct online accreditation of 04 assessments at program level. Two programs of VNU-HUS were assessed, namely Bachelor in Materials Science and Bachelor in Land Management. The assessment results from AUN-QA's assessment team will be used as suggestions and guidance for VNU-HUS to improve its training quality in accordance with the requirements of international integration.

The Bachelor in Materials Science, VNU-HUS provides students with knowledge of nanoscience and technology, new generation semiconductor materials, thin-film materials, magnetism, biomedical materials; students are trained in skills of manufacturing new technology materials suitable for the 4.0 era and have the ability to apply their knowledge and skills into practice.

The Bachelor in Land Management, VNU-HUS provides students with comprehensive expertise in the theory and practice of Land Management science, the legal system, and the public land management technology. Students are trained in cadastral technology skills such as: measuring and collecting land data with total survey technology, GPS technology, remote sensing technology, digital imaging technology, drawing thematic maps in digital form, design, and operation of land information systems... After graduation, students have the ability to work independently, creatively, and solve problems in their specialized field of Land Management.


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