1. ISI Publications (2010 - 2015)

2. Conference Papers (2010 - 2015)

Research activities:

  • Implementing fundamental and applying studies in the field of Environment.
  • Implementing national and international projects with subjects in the fields of Environmental Monitoring and Modeling for Environmental Control, Environmental Management, Environmental Status Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Planning and Pollution Forecast. 
  • Investigating and designing point networks/ environmental monitoring stations; analyzing and processing environmental monitoring data; applying tools of GIS, Remote Sensing and Informatics for creating databases and establishing maps of Environmental status and Environmental planning.
  • Improving, constructing and commercializing environmental modeling software and other professional ones to serve environmental prediction, planning and management.
  • Carrying out functions of consultancy and technological transfer in the field of environmental monitoring and modeling.
Center for Environmental Monitoring and Modeling
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