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KIST School -Student Internship Program (For University) for Spring 2024
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Feb.1, 2024 (Thu) ~ Jul.31, 2024 (Wed)
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Students who can keep their student status at their current universities throughout the internship period
Students who have less than 3 semesters left until graduation (As of September 30, 2023)
Potential applicants for the KIST School(UST) admission for Fall 2024 or later
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> Financial support: monthly stipend of 1,200,000 KRW for undergraduate students and 1,400,000 KRW for master’s students (before tax deduction)
> Dormitory facilities (Dormitory Fee will be around 120,000 KRW)
> Comprehensive insurance
> Diverse academic/cultural events for students
> Supports the cost of Official English Test (up to 1 time, to meet the requirements of KIST School-UST admission)
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Scanned version of all required documents must be submitted by application deadline to e-admission system of KIST School. Other required documents(e.g. transcript, certificate…): Successful applicants who pass document screening will be requested to submit it.
- Application Form (The form is on the e-admission system) - Essay (The form is on the e-admission system) - Copy of Passport - CV (The form is not fixed)
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KIST accepts applications online through the KIST homepage
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